Karalee’s Got Talent

Established in 2011 following the construction of our incredible Performing Arts Centre, Karalee’s Got Talent is an annual talent competition proudly sponsored by our P&C Association which aims to unveil the wonderful range of talents that we have at our school. Based on the television show, the competition is run in three separate categories- Senior (Years 5 & 6), Junior (Years 3 & 4) and Early Years (Prep to Year 2). The senior and junior categories are run as a competition while the early years students are simply given an opportunity to perform in the PAC on Under 8s day.

Students enter the competition by completing a nomination form. There are then four weeks of auditions where the judges select the top 10 to go on the Top Ten Performance Show. Students attending the show will then vote for their favourite performance. The top three performances will then perform on parade where all students in year three to six will vote for their favourite performers. Winners will finally be announced and presented with trophies and prizes.

Karalee's Got Talent fact sheet (PDF, 366KB)

Home Reading Challenge

Launched in the “National Year of Reading” in 2012, the Karalee State School Home Reading Challenge was established to foster the joy of reading and to reward all children from Prep to Year six for their reading efforts at home.

Throughout the challenge, the children keep records of their reading experiences on their personal recording form. Reading experiences can include the child reading to themselves, the child reading aloud to another person or the child being read to. Each form allows the child to record 20 reading experiences. At the completion of each form children receive recognition via a certificate for their efforts.

20 Reading Experiences - Certificate Award

40 Reading Experiences - Bronze Award

60 Reading Experiences - Silver Award

80 Reading Experiences - Gold Award

Once a child achieves 100 reading experiences they will receive a book supplied by our wonderful P&C Association on parade and will have their name displayed in the “Reading Hall of Fame” which takes pride of place in our library.

Home Reading Challenge parent info sheet (PDF, 265KB)

Celebrating national events

Karalee State School actively participates in several annual national events where our students have an opportunity to positively and collectively connect to an issue or topic of deep personal, social and/or environmental significance. Such days include:

Harmony Room

The Harmony Room was designed to cater for children who:

  • Were alone and felt like they had no friends
  • Were being bullied and felt unhappy at school
  • Could not play appropriately in unsupervised situations at lunchtime

In the Harmony Room we provide fun, safe and supervised activities that allow the children to make new friends and develop social skills such as listening to others, taking turns, staying calm with others, doing nice things for others and being responsible for their behaviour. Special activities are provided and students are encouraged to bring a friend along. This makes it appealing and helps them to create and foster friendships. The Harmony Room is open at second breaks only so the children are still part of the larger community and can use their new skills in the playground.

Kids' Lit Quiz

Each year, in March, two teams of students from Years five and six compete in a literature quiz against schools in Queensland. The questions they are asked are general in content, based on current and classic literature, mythology, film and book knowledge. Winners of the competition compete in Sydney against other state winners and the winner of this competition become part of an international competition. Last year’s winners travelled to Wales. This year, we entered three teams. Two of our teams ranked third and fourth behind two high school teams. We were very proud to accept our third place prize knowing that we were the highest placed primary school team.

Readers Cup

Years five and six students have the opportunity to compete in this literature-based competition. Karalee nominates 1 or 2 teams of 5 to compete against other Ipswich schools, both public and private. Although this is also a literature competition, in this instance there are 5 set novels/picture books that the students must read and then literal questions are asked by a Master of Ceremonies, usually a renowned Australian author. Winners of the competition compete against other Queensland regions for the title of state champs.

Maths teams challenge

In August, students from Years five and six compete in a Maths problem solving competition against other Brisbane and Ipswich schools both public and private. The teams are involved in individual, pair and team questions created by the National University in Canberra and are quite challenging, requiring students to use higher order thinking to solve problems.

“Find Your Voice” public speaking competition

Sponsored by our P & C Association, “Find Your Voice” is a public speaking training program for students in Years six. They are trained to prepare and deliver two spoken tasks, the first being a free choice spoken task and the second a two minute public persuasive speech. Instruction is focused on various vocal and gestural aspects including pitch, volume, stress, pace, pause, stance, eye contact, facial expression and gesture. This is achieved through engaging dramatic workshops where students are provided with multiple opportunities to perform to a number of audience levels. The Term 4 focus is on the written aspects of writing a public persuasive speech. 

Once they have performed their speech to their class mates they may then choose to enter into a competition where they must deliver their speech in the Performing Arts Centre to the Year 6 cohort.  Prizes and trophies are awarded at the Year 6 Graduation.

Visual Arts program

The Visual Arts program has been an integral part of the Karalee State School Arts Program since 1997. Specialist art teachers have been employed to deliver a high quality visual arts tuition to our students. Artist in residence projects have been a key component. The art works produced by our students adorns the walls, gardens and exterior surfaces of our school.

Last reviewed 19 January 2021
Last updated 19 January 2021