The P&C has an important role in providing a forum in which parents can develop their partnership with the school and articulate their aspirations for their children’s education.

Karalee State School Parents and Citizens Association (P&C) is run by the volunteer parents and community members of our school.  Meetings are held during school terms and attend on a voluntary basis.  All parents are encouraged to come to any of our meetings.

All fundraising activities rely on time that is given freely by parents and community members.  We encourage all of our parents to become involved and assist in the preparation or participation in these events.

The objectives of the Association are to

  • promote the interests and facilitate the development
  • further improvement of Karalee State School.

Purpose of the P&C

In accordance with the Karalee State School P&C Constitution, the purpose of the P&C is to promote the interests of and facilitate the development and further improvement of the school.  This can be done by:

  • Providing adequate resources and learning materials to all rooms/facilities to enhance our children’s learning in a positive and productive way
  • Optimising and enhancing the current use of infrastructure and facilities
  • Communicating the fundraising needs based on the long-term plans for the school, detailing why the money is required and how it will be spent, and being accountable for the spend;
  • Providing a forum for school community issues to be raised
  • Providing opportunities for the school community to celebrate together

Goals of the P&C for 2020 are to

  • Review and improve governance, processes and policies across all P&C operations
  • Better inform school community about P&C operations
  • Increase attendance at P&C meetings
  • Engage and involve more parents and students in P&C activities
  • Consult with the school leadership team to identify short and long-term funding priorities and other projects
  • Organise fundraising activities

Our P&C has a number of operations and subcommittees that operate through the association:

We encourage parents to come and attend meetings and be part of the association as it is a way of being involved in your child's education as well as meeting many other like-minded people.

The P&C Association meets on the second Monday of each month at 7pm in the Staff Room (excluding school holidays).

To become a member of the P&C, print and complete the following form and hand it to our office staff.

Application for P@C membership 2021-2022

For all enquiries to the P&C, including compliments or complaints, please contact

Our executive committee


          Vanessa Suwena 


Vice President    

          Katrina Sewell



          Paula Brown



            Kylie Charrington


Swim school


Provide affordable, safe swimming lessons for students and contribute to the fundraising effort of the P&C.


The pool is designed for the warmer months.  It is solar heated providing the perfect temperature.

Training fees

The fees charged are generally less than other swimming schools. Extra family members and multiple lesson discounts apply.

Coaching staff

Karalee Swimming School has experienced staff to coach all levels.

General information

The Karalee Swim School is in operation during Terms 1 and 4 of the school year. Holiday block training sessions are also available.

The swimming school is accessible for all children from Prep to 6 for after school. Lessons commence at 3.15 pm 4 days a week.  The lessons run for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the level.

Learn to swim classes are graded from levels 0-4. The children progress through each level providing them with new, more advanced activities and skill sets.

Level 5 is designed for students who are able to swim further than 25 meters and require extra training in fitness and stroke correction.

The Karalee Swim School offers a safety week during each term where the coaches focus on water safety, survival and rescue techniques.


Swim School Administrator

Last reviewed 20 July 2021
Last updated 20 July 2021