Student leadership


Senior students at Karalee State School have the opportunity to hold a number of leadership positions. These leadership roles include:

  • School Captain
  • School Vice Captain
  • Sports House Captains
  • Music Captain
  • Karalee’s Got Talent Ambassador

The School Captains and Vice Captains are elected by their peers and have a number of responsibilities throughout the year including:

  • organising and leading weekly paradesrganising and leading weekly parades
  • speaking at special school eventspeaking at special school events
  • representing the school at important functions and epresenting the school at important functions and
  • taking an active role in the student council.aking an active role in the student council.

To support them in their role they are mentored by our Deputy Principal, they attend inspirational leadership days including the National Young Leaders Day for primary schools and ANZAC Day excursion for school leaders and they participate in public speaking workshops.

The Sports House Captains are elected by the members of their sports house to lead them at all of the school sports carnivals. They have the important role of inspiring and motivating their team mates as well as supporting the Physical Education teacher with carnival organisation. They are also called upon to speak on behalf of their house when accepting team trophies. Sports House Captains also attend the National Young Leaders Day for primary schools.

The Music Captain is appointed the representative from our extensive music program. Their role is to support our Specialist Music Teachers at all music events. The Music Captain also attends the National Young Leaders Day for primary schools. 

The Karalee’s Got Talent Ambassador is a position created in light of the popularity of this annual competition. This position is appointed to a person that has participated at every level of Karalee’s Got Talent. Their role is to assist the organisers, to support the judges at the audition phase of the competition and to co-host the Community Performance Show. They may also take on a mentoring role with younger students or less experienced performers.


All Year Six Students are trained as Peacekeepers. Students that hold these positions play an important role in our school to support younger students. The Peacekeeper Program aims to assist students with conflict resolution and foster the development of cooperative play skills in students in the P-3 playground. Peacekeepers are placed in the playground every lunchtime and are available to students who need support in making sensible and safe play decisions. Peacekeepers are required to set a positive example and adhere to the guidelines of the program at all times. Part of the Peacekeeper role is to catch students doing the right thing to present awards at parade on a Friday. 

Student council

The Student Council operates from Years 4-6. Each class votes for two students to represent them in the student council. Their role includes:

  • putting forward ideas on behalf of their class to improve the school environmentutting forward ideas on behalf of their class to improve the school environment
  • assisting with school based projects
  • supporting the school discos held four times a yearupporting the school discos held four times a year
  • raising funds to support project development and their nominated charities
  • communicating student council business to their teacher and classmates.

Last reviewed 06 March 2020
Last updated 06 March 2020