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The P&C Association meets on the second Monday of each month at 7.00 pm in the Staff Room.

The objectives of the Association are to promote the interests and facilitate the development and further improvement of Karalee State School.

In pursuit of the Association’s objectives, the functions of the Association are:

  • to foster general community interest in educational matters

  • to endeavour to bring about closer co-operation between the parents of students attending the school, other members of the community and the staff and students

  • to provide advice and recommendations to the Principal on issues and concerns in respect of students and the general operation and management

  • to provide or assist in the provision of financial or other resources or services for the benefit of students of the school

  • to participate in any committee or other body comprising members of the school and wider community, which will contribute to the general benefit of students attending the school

  • to perform any other functions as the Minister may determine.

In pursuit of the Association's objectives and subject to resolution passed by a majority of members at a duly constituted meeting, the powers of the Association are:

  • to establish sub-committees as the Association considers necessary for specific purposes

  • to conduct within the premises of the school a tuckshop or other amenity of the school where such an amenity is of benefit to the school community

  • to affiliate with, subscribe to or assist an association or organisation which has objects similar to those of the Association, where such association or organisation prohibits the distribution of its income and property among its or the Association’s members

  • to print and publish newsletters, books or leaflets in pursuit of the Association’s objects, with due regard for copyright or other intellectual property rights of any party

  • to employ, dismiss or suspend employees as may be necessary for the purposes of the Association, subject to relevant industrial awards or employment agreements

  • to pay any person or supplier for goods or services provided to, or on behalf of, the Association

  • to invest and deal with the money of the Association, in any financial institution approved by the Minister

  • to award Life Membership to members of the Association for long and meritorious service to the Association

  • to remove a person as a member or officer or both, subject to the provisions of this Constitution

  • to seek contributions, donations or sponsorship from members or other persons

  • to sell, improve, develop, exchange, dispose of, and otherwise deal with property in the general control of the Association as approved by the Minister, subject to any conditions approved by the Minister

  • to elect parent members to the school council at a meeting designated for that purpose by a documented process as described in schedule 1 of this document

  • to facilitate consultation with parents of the school community if and when required by the school council and

  • to facilitate communication between the school council, or its members, and parents of the school community.

The Association has a number of subcommittees that operate through the association:

  • Outside School Hours Care

  • Tuckshop

  • Uniform Shop

  • Swim School

We encourage parents to come and attend meetings and be part of the association as it is a way of being involved in your child's education as well as meeting many other like-minded people.

For an enquiries to the P&C, including compliments or complaints, please contact


Swim school


To provide an environment where all swimmers will develop their level of swimming to achieve their goals and to have fun.

Aim and Objectives

To encourage and foster swimming as a healthy and safe form of sport.

To teach children the importance of setting goals and aiming to achieve them.

To have fun in a safe environment.


The pool is designed for the warmer months.  It is solar heated providing the perfect temperature.

Training fees

The fees charged are generally less than other swimming schools. Extra family members and multiple lesson discounts apply.

Coaching staff

Karalee Swimming School has experienced staff to coach all levels.

General Information

The Karalee Swim School is in operation during Terms 1 and 4 of the school year. Holiday block training sessions are also available.

The swimming school is accessible for all children from Prep to 6 for after school. Lessons commence at 3.15 pm 3 days a week.  The lessons run for 30 to 45 minutes depending on the level.

Learn to swim classes are graded from levels 0-4. The children progress through each level providing them with new, more advanced activities and skill sets.

Level 5 is designed for students who are able to swim further than 25 meters and require extra training in fitness and stroke correction.

The Karalee Swim School offers a safety week during each term where the coaches focus on water safety, survival and rescue techniques.

Each week the students are rewarded with prizes and certificates for commitment to their swimming training.

You can contact the swimming school via email